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Starting in 2018, you may apply to the CA Bureau of Cannabis Regulation for a state-issued license to commercially manufacture cannabis products. You must also get licensed by your individual city, which is done in a separate process.

The Bureau tasked the CA Department of Public Health with licensing for manufacturers of cannabis. Proposed regulations for the license application and operations requirements can be found here.

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  • $1,000 non-refundable, application processing fee AND

  • Annual license fee calculated from annual gross revenue:

  • $2,000 (≤ $100,000)
  • $7,500 ($100,001 - $500,000)

  • $15,000 ($500,001 - $2,000,000)

  • $35,000 ($2,000,001 - $5,000,000)

  • $50,000 (> $5,000,000)

Available licenses types:

“P” – packaging and repackaging & labeling and relabeling
“N” – edibles or topicals using infusion methods & other non-extractions “6” – extractions using mechanical methods or non-volatile solvents
“7” – extractions using volatile solvents


Some State and individual city requirements to form your manufacturing company

get licensed and stay in compliance:

  • Business-formation documents

  • Foreign corporation’s Certificate of Qualification (if applicable)

  • Board of Equalization’s Seller’s permit (link to FAQ)

  • Local jurisdiction’s authorization to manufacture cannabis products 

  • Premises diagram

  • Surety bond

  • Waiver of Sovereign Immunity

  • Good Standing Attestation

  • Written appeal of license denial (if necessary)

  • Inventory control procedures

  • Quality control procedures

  • Transportation procedures

  • Security procedures

  • Sanitary operation procedures

  • Manufacturing operations procedures

  • Personnel procedures to ensure disease control and cleanliness

  • Procedures ensuring maintenance of premises to prevent contamination of components and cannabis products

  • Procedures to ensure quality of raw materials and ingredients

  • Master manufacturing protocol

  • Procedures for responding to product complaints

  • Procedures for recalls

  • Standard operating procedures o Security plan

    • Emergency response

    • Good manufacturing practices

    • Production and process control

    • Compliance with track-and-trace requirements o Inventory control

    • Destruction procedures

  • Employee training program


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