Fran Drescher

CannaLaw Connections gets its first celebrity guest interview, with film and TV star, philanthropist, and overall incredible human being, Fran Drescher (The Nanny, Hotel Transylvania, Jack, Saturday Night Fever, & many, many more)!

Chris & Fran get deep into it; from her upbringing in New York, her bout with cancer, her founding of Cancer Schmancer, her dedication to healthy, organic & sustainable living, and her vision for the future of the commercial cannabis industry.

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#9 Women in Weed- Sitting down with cannabis business consultant and published author of “Breaking the Grass Ceiling”

Ashley Picillo shares her whirlwind  story of how she got into cannabis business consulting, how to build an inclusive and diverse team, and the personal journey she took when gathering intimate stories of women in cannabis.

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#8 Following the Data- Getting real with the data-collecting “ghost” of cannabis retailers

Rico Tarver, Baker Technology’s California market manager, gives Evergreen an intimate, insider look at the cannabis data analytics world. With great power comes great responsibility, and Rico reminds us of this while discussing his story, Baker’s story, and social equity.

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#7 A Tour with Victoria at Cannasafe: A conversation with a licensed testing labs Sales and Accounts Manager

It's Friday night and we just went on an in-person tour of the first licensed testing lab in the city of LA. We just sat down with Victoria Basso to discuss public safety and emerging standards in the cannabis testing industry.

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#6- Insights & Outlooks: Fireside Chat with an L.A. Cannabis Business Influencer

In this episode, we get into the weeds with Sam Zartoshty. Currently serving as a distribution manager, co-founder of Paragon, and host of Blunt Talks, Sam brings to the table his years of his experience to talk to us about everything from his own great influencers, the medical market, staying compliant and relevant in this ever-evolving and emerging industry, and his outlook for the future.

Co-hosts (Sara Firestone - Summer Associate; Veronica Steele - Operations Manager; Chris Hoo - Founder); Sam Zartoshty - Guest

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#5- Coast to Coast: Comparing & Contrasting California vs. New Jersey Cannabis Markets

In this episode, Chris is joined by Evergreen Law's Operation's Manager, Veronica Steele. Joining them is Tyler D'Angelo, Assistant Manager of Processing & Manufacturing at the largest licensed dispensary in New Jersey.

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#1- California Cannabusiness: from ILLICIT to LICIT... finally

In the inaugural episode of Cannalaw Connections, Chris interviews two polar guests on the opposite end of the legal spectrum who describe the current state of California's rapidly evolving cannabis business, or "Cannabusiness", industry. 

From current laws/regulations to how to become compliant with these strict state laws, this episode features professional advice to the emerging business owner or those interested in forming a Cannabusiness on how to stay out of the federal law enforcement's line of site.

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